About Us

Look. Listen. Join. Learn. Lead.

Social Media Club (SMC) was founded in March 2006 to host conversations around the globe that explore key issues facing our society as technologies transform the way we connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other. Social Media Club enables you explore your personal and professional passions by helping you connect with a community of your peers based on both geography and areas of interest. We exist to ensure that the world of Social Media does not become an echo chamber of self-reinforcing thoughts, but is instead fueled by diversity of opinion and perspective.

The first chapter launched in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA (USA) on August 16, 2006. Since then, 300+ chapters have joined the global network, and we cover six of the seven continents (watch out Antarctica…we are coming your way soon!). If you are interested in starting a Social Media Club chapter in your local city, please visit our chapter page for details.

Social Media Club’s primary mission is to expand digital media literacy, promote standard technologies, encourage ethical behavior and share best practices. We bring together journalists, publishers, communications professionals, artists, amateur media creators, citizen journalists, teachers, students, tool makers, and other interested collaborators. Essentially the people who create and consume media who have an interest in seeing the ‘media industry’ evolve for everyone’s benefit. We are more than just USERS, we are the reason the tools exist – we are the people who communicate our thoughts and ideas near and far. Join us and let’s shape the future together!

Organizational Structure

Social Media Club (SMC) is a 501(c)6 non-profit and the world’s largest community of social media professionals. The business and affairs of SMC are managed by the board of directors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase media literacy, share lessons learned, encourage adoption of industry standards, and promote ethical behavior.

Increase Media Literacy: We empower people to be both critical thinkers and creative producers of an increasingly wide range of messages using image, language, and sound. By sharing our lessons learned we increase the media literacy of our members, their communities, and the industry.

Share Lessons Learned: Members share lessons learned in the field to educate others on social media best practices and ethics in the world today. Chapters create events that disseminate best practices and ethics to their communities and fellow professionals through presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and webinars, and more.

Encourage Adoption of Industry Standards: We leverage our collective expertise to promote key industry standards such as Creative Commons, Open ID, Data Portability, the Open Web Foundation and others. We expand awareness and explain these key standards to our members and their communities.

Promote Ethical Behavior: The Social Media Club Code of Ethics ensures the integrity of the profession is respected and a level of standard is maintained among social media professionals. Members adhere to the Code of Ethics to protect clients, the community, and industry professionals. Members act in the best interest of clients or employers, are honest and authentic in all communications, respect confidential information, disclose potential conflicts of interest, and refrain from using buzzwords and industry-related terms that may complicate clear understanding by the client, employer, and community at large. Members are also expected to refuse and refute work that engages in predatory Internet practices or illegal or spam social media and/or email campaigns.

SMC established the Code of Ethics to identify issues that negatively impact the social media industry, which include spam campaigns, disclosure of payments received from brands and/or influencers, and malicious campaigns that go after brands’ competition.