#SWGO 2015-002: “Sounds, sounds, sounds!”

Social Web Global Observations, part two. We began outlining what to capture in this series of essays in January, with an introductory shout out – “Social Media Is Boring – Long Live the Social Web!”. Beyond that we got into the “Productivity Mess”, in our first essay in the formal #SWGO flow – having a guesswork […]

Reducing Digital Footprint

6 Ways to Reduce Your Family’s Digital Footprint

Protecting yourself and your family while online is becoming an increasingly hard thing to do. As an activist against cyberbullying and to promote online safety, I am frequently helping families. Just two days before I am writing this, I spoke with parents from a local private school and many of them were looking for ways […]

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5 Ways to Use Social Media for Education

Why is social media so exciting? Social Media is an opportunity and it pulls apart barriers for many people.  Using social media we can interact with people who have similar interests, we are able to communicate with our favorite celebrities, and we are able to see what our favorite companies are up to.  Social Media has […]

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Trendy 10 with Social Media

Want a renewal? Just came in? Super addict? Get in the know with these 10 trendy news updates in social media. The long tail for platforms: after GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) began, a lot of thrilling new ventures started building members, contents and conversation. Between, with or against brands, increasing the digital. Look at […]