6 Tips That Will Take Your Infographics from Chartjunk to Valuable Content

From saber-tooth tiger-bait to link-bait, infographics have come a long way. Here’s a guide to their invention, how to use them effectively, and how to avoid infographics that add to the “contentification” of social media rather than offering real insight.  A Brief History of Infographics  There have been infographics in one form or another from […]


Is your Mobile Device a Toy or a Tool? [SURVEY]

Mobile devices seem to be the new trend in 2012.  Having received an iPad 2 and all the accessories from my wonderful family at Christmas, my interest in mobile devices has increased exponentially.  James Bucki, a former Guide defines mobiles devices as “generic term used to refer to a variety of devices that allow people […]

When Objects Go Social

Objects now become kind of chatterbox and the world shifts as an huge connected information system” Yes we must now consider objects as a real part of social movement, even if social genuinely means « interaction between two human beings », they can enter the game of socialization…How far, when, for which uses/features? Future will tell… 2020: […]


Deep Lessons About Shallow Conclusions

To my great chagrin, I find I am as guilty as anyone of drawing shallow conclusions about the role and value or social media in a marketing plan. I read this article in Ad Age about an Australian study whose research proved that no more than 1% of fans actually engage with brands on Facebook. In other words, […]


The Evolution of Super Bowl Advertising

Everyone loves the Super Bowl.  Even if you’re not crazy about watching football, you can stick around the watch clever advertising at its best.  But you probably noticed that Super Bowl XLVI was a little different from its predecessors.  Social media helped brands change the rules of Super Bowl ads.     On average, a […]

Three Creative Ways of Using Google+ Hangouts

There are so many shiny new toys in the social media sphere…sometimes we can’t keep up. Google has a tendency to test out new ideas (remember Google Buzz?) and this time around they have spun out Google Plus Hangouts. It’s an opportunity for individuals or businesses to utilize this virtual “hangout” to communicate with others […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (01/3/12)

FEBRUARY BOOK CLUB: THE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST      We’re proud to feature great titles in 2012 with monthly reviews and complimentary webinars hosting some of the social media industry’s most innovative authors. We received a lot of great feedback last year and want to thank you for supporting the Book Club, our publishing partners […]


Finding Out the Difference Between Personal and Private

All of us that are active in some respect on social networks will sooner or later end up in a situation where we don’t know if we should publish an update or not, so did I, back in September. Let me first start with saying how grateful and fantastic the interaction with my followers and […]


Ready, set…PAUSE!

The world of social media regularly changes in a nanosecond. As managers, we’re expected to analyze data, interpret the data to improve relationships, and engage people over multiple platforms. All at the same time. It can be exhausting. We’re almost always in a hurry. Our Brains Are Changing The Millennials have been called the first truly […]

Social Media February Book Club: The Social Media Strategist

We are excited to introduce our Social Media Club February  Book of the Month, The Social Media Strategist by Christopher Barger. Christopher Barger, the award-winning former social media director at General Motors and IBM’s former ‘blogger-in-chief,’ describes all the challenges particular to getting a comprehensive social media program off the ground in a large firm. The […]