Making Your Life Easier with Apps

Who doesn’t want their lives to be easier?  Almost everyone I ask is looking for that one thing, whatever it is, that will make their business lives that much easier.  And, as I work with small businesses, the biggest question I always get is, “Yes, but how do I find the time to do it […]

Social Business ROI Secrets, Revealed: Opting In with IBM’s Ed Brill (Part I)

Looking for some real-world examples of businesses who are adopting social strategies and performing better financially? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this conversation I had with Ed Brill – IBM’s Director of Mobile Enterprise Marketing and author of Opting In: Lessons in Social Business from a Fortune 500 Product Manager. For those of […]

United We Share

Social Media Club was founded in 2006 with the guiding principle, “If You Get It, Share It.” We’re humbled and proud to witness 300+ chapters around the world that believe in our mission, and hold events that bring together like-minded individuals. To commemorate our 7th anniversary this year, we want to tell you about a […]


Social Media and the Two-Step

No, I am not talking about the dance move, but rather about something called two-step (or two factor) verification. Unfortunately, hackers are getting smarter. Hackers, through social engineering and other means, are getting access to accounts, especially high profile ones. Recently, the Associated Press’ Twitter handle and several Guardian News and Media Twitter handles were […]

Steps to Become a Successful and Powerful LinkedIn User – Part 2

By Bill Corbett Recently I wrote Part 1 of “Steps to Become a Successful and Powerful LinkedIn User,” in which I outlined some important strategies.  Creating a plan and strategy for using LinkedIn and creating a personal marketing plan are essential in growing a business and having a personal brand that will resonate.  Spending focused […]

Account Based Marketing Overview – Jeff Sands of ITSMA

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, Jeff Sands of ITSMA sits down with show host Jeff Ogden to discuss what an Account Based Marketing program is and why companies need it. In this show, you’ll learn: How an account based marketing program can drive increased profitability Why Account Based Marketing required truly deep […]


5 Things Brands Need to Enhance their Search Marketing

Search marketing is fairly complex. It goes beyond the organization of a simple keyword list that would be effective to optimize one’s content. However, each marketer needs to know the basics and how to enhance their search marketing. Let’s dig a little deeper into some of the basics: 1.     Fresh Content: Each site and/or blog needs […]