What Your Email Address Says About You

Email marketing is a major force in our marketing toolbox, and it isn’t going anywhere. It is one of the best ways to stay in contact with our clients and customers, and the best way to provide information and assistance on a consistent schedule. But, when you are sending your business email, what does the […]

Case Study on Crisis Communications: What Buffer Did Right

When crisis hits, there are ways to lessen the impact and ways that will dig yourself an even deeper hole. The latter is especially true in the case where users and customers are concerned. Public opinion is an uphill battle (just look at the president’s rating when things are going well), and if you dig […]

Millennials and Their Personal Branding

Last month, I wrote a piece about social media and millennials, a generation that I know all too well. This week I have decided to continue on this millennial viewpoint and share with you my thoughts on personal branding.   As a young adult graduating in the near future, it often seems that the only […]