3 Social Media Strategies For Your Business

Many argue that social media strategy is a buzz word with no real merit. The skeptics say that you don’t need a social media strategy. They argue that social media is part of any company’s traditional marketing mix. Skeptics point to the fact that all marketing channels should be integrated meaning that your message on […]

Does Facebook Paper Reinvent the Newspaper?

Last week, Facebook celebrated its 10th anniversary and, in honor of that major milestone, the social media giant released Paper – a new iOS app that has completely reimagined the way users interact with their Facebook news feed. The app works much in the same way that a magazine would. Content is collected in different […]

Case Study on HLG Studios: How to Be Successful with Viral Video Marketing

There are many components to a successful viral marketing campaign and (as most of us know) they are rarely a success.  There is the occasional “win” and I believe I have found one.   HLG Studios, a Los Angeles based production house and creative agency, released a series of five “Rejected Super Bowl Ads” for […]

Smart Media: Middle East 2014

Hi, The Social Media Club UAE is happy to announce it’s partnership with Capacity Conference for the upcoming Smart Media: Middle East 2014 Conference taking place on the 6th March 2014 in  Grand Hyatt Dubai.. Also, we are happy to announce that all Social Media Club members will get 50% discount. Fore More Information […]

How Not to Tweet

Business and individuals have posted content on social media sites, only to regret it. In some cases, immediately.  Only recently, SMC member Melissa Pont posted a great article about social media brand failures that I’m sure the companies regretted.  At least, I hope they did. While this article will probably bring at least one chuckle […]


When Social Media Joins the University Classroom

Social Media + University Classroom =  Perfect Combination This semester, Brigham Young University’s Department of Communications decided to, for the first time, offer a social media marketing class. Everyone pulled out their laptops and learned how to tweet. For those of us who were more familiar with Twitter, we helped our classmates follow others, taught […]

SMC is Recruiting WordPress Experts

Adding to my earlier request for individuals to join our communications committee, a new request has surfaced and Social Media Club is recruiting people to volunteer their time and expertise in an exciting and new WordPress project. This is a great opportunity to get involved in a project that will change how we view social […]