#SMAC: Social, Mobile, Analytics, Content

Social is platforms or software (apps included) used for communication to connect and interact.  Mobile is the technology used to communicate; capture, create and share. Analytics is the information or data that tells us how people are responding and connecting. Content is the substance of communications be it text, audio, pictures or video. Content was […]

Young & Rubicam's 90th Anniversary & CEO David Sable's advice for Startups [Video]

Young & Rubicam celebrated its 90th year in business by inviting people around the world to join them in a social conversation that filled a Clear Channel Spectacolor Billboard at NY’s Times Square this Thursday. The billboard was populated with their profile pictures across a mosaic based on their tweets under the hashtag #AdvertisingIs. The […]

Class of 2013: Learn to Follow if you want to Lead

The title is as true for life as it is for Social Media, “great leaders come from those who learned to follow first”. Leadership is not taught in a classroom, it begins during the higher education experience and develops when you become a part of a student group, club, internship or work in student affairs. […]