Top 10 Social Media Tools of Engagement

  Aren’t we all looking for that one perfect social media tool? Social media is a big, messy, time-consuming and attention-sucking business. The right tools can streamline your efforts, cut down on your time spent and help you measure success.   The one thing a tool can’t do is build a relationship for you. That process […]


Get to Know Google Authorship for Social Media

Whether it’s Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or even 50 Shades of Grey (hey, I’m not judging), we’ve all had the experience of discovering a great new author and wanting to share their books with others. Now everyone searching and sharing on the web can have the experience of discovering amazing new authors – […]


Meet the One Person Who Can Ruin Your Brand Tomorrow

A model, tweeting the failed attempts of a married man to pick her up on a cross-country flight. A student with a smartphone who captured a video of bullies viciously taunting a bus monitor. A blogging 9-year-old, chronicling the underwhelming food served in her elementary school cafeteria. What do these three individuals have to do […]


Why and How to Use Facebook Promoted Posts

Does the word “Edgerank” make you break out in a cold sweat? Do you want to punch Mark Zuckerberg in the groin every time your Facebook post is only seen by a fraction of your audience? And do you have an extra 20 bucks or so? If your answers are yes, yes and yes, you’re […]


15 Reasons to Make Friends with an SEO Pro

If they met at a party, it would be easy to introduce them: “Social media, meet search engine optimization. SEO, this is social media. You guys have a lot in common.” But in real life, it’s a little tougher getting social media and SEO together. The disciplines have grown up separately, and both sides are […]


All you need to know about social media customer service in 8 emoticons

Social media marketers have a lot to say in a little space. We’ve only got 140 characters on Twitter, and Facebook posts with 80 characters or fewer garner higher engagement rates. Luckily we’ve got a secret weapon: emoticons! If you talk with customers or clients on social media, you’ve likely seen lots of these guys. In […]


10 Social Media Rules Worth Breaking

I didn’t set out to be a social media rule-breaker. I’ve always been more of a teacher’s pet type, honestly. But the more I get to know what some in the social media industry are pushing as doctrine, the more rebellious I get.   Social media guidelines are nice, but there’s no reason to accept them […]


The 5-Step Social Media ROI Workout

I visited a friend’s cupcake stand at a farmer’s market last week. Shocked to find herself sold out of nearly everything, she confided: “It’s terrible to say this, but I think this is about the time people start giving up on their New Year’s resolutions.” Ah, weight loss goals. Of course we all know the […]

How To Measure Social Media Engagement

Some things just don’t like to be measured. How can you quantify how cute your baby is, or scientifically determine how much you love Monday Night Football?  At first glance, “engagement” seems like one of those unmeasurable things. It’s a fuzzy concept to start, with none of the hard-line numbers that accompany ad campaigns or […]