What Your Email Address Says About You

Email marketing is a major force in our marketing toolbox, and it isn’t going anywhere. It is one of the best ways to stay in contact with our clients and customers, and the best way to provide information and assistance on a consistent schedule. But, when you are sending your business email, what does the […]

The Working Vacation: The New Normal?

Craig Yaris is the chief social marketer at Social Ribbit. He can be reached at @CraigEYaris. I am in Florida right now. I am meeting clients and investigating the possibility of an additional office to serve my clients better. But, while I’ve been here, part of my plan was to take a vacation. I haven’t […]

Sharing is Caring

Content creation is incredibly important these days.  It’s all the rage and all that people are talking about lately.  Needing to create video, audio, picture, and text content is so important to that ever elusive rank on Google that we have all become content creators.  Whether it’s the blog we write complaining about a company […]

Why Isn't My E-Mail Being Opened?

You do everything right.  You send a weekly or monthly email newsletter to your clients and customers, When it comes to content, you’re sharing and writing great stuff.   But, your email is still not getting opened.  You feel like all you are doing is banging your head against a virtual wall with no results, and […]

Making Your Life Easier with Apps

Who doesn’t want their lives to be easier?  Almost everyone I ask is looking for that one thing, whatever it is, that will make their business lives that much easier.  And, as I work with small businesses, the biggest question I always get is, “Yes, but how do I find the time to do it […]

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Oh My!

As I continue to teach classes at Hofstra, and introduce business owners to the myriad of social networks available, the same question keeps coming up, “But with so many choices, how do we know where to focus our energy?”  And, it’s an excellent question.  Should a business be on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, LinkedIn, GooglePlus […]