Buyosphere CEO Tara Hunt: Massive Whuffie Trumps An Unclear Path

[Editor’s note: This is another in a series of profiles of social media influencers presented by the Social Media Club. The profiles seek to explore how social media influencers around the world became involved in social media, what makes them tick, and where they are going from here.]  In the social media world, newcomers are […]


Adam Helweh: Self-Taught Social Media Powerhouse

Today we introduce a new series of articles that will be an exciting addition to the Social Media Club. The articles, penned by award-winning Silicon Valley tech and fiction writer Dan Holden, profile some of the leading influencers in social media today. But instead of being the typical biographical profile you’re likely to hear at […]


Blogging and Search: Like it or not, they go together like cookies and milk

A few weeks back, the New York Times ran an important story on the manipulation of Google search results by JC Penney, a major retail company. The manipulation wasn’t overt or even obvious; it would have been caught much sooner, and the company admonished more severely, if it had been. Rather, this manipulation took place […]

Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment: A Little Fairy Dust in a Feature-Obsessed World

You’d have to be a real jerk not to like Guy Kawasaki’s new book…and not just because only a real jerk would trash a book called “Enchantment.”   Quite honestly, anyone who tries to trash this book just won’t be able to do it and walk away feeling good about themselves, especially not after reading […]

Video 101: Editing and Production

A good video tells a memorable story. In loud environments like the Consumer Electronics Show, it may be the only thing people remember about your company. In social media environments, your video may be the first way a viewer sees your brand. Being memorable therefore comes in handy when your brand appears again and they […]