Will Your Brand Be Destroyed by Social Media?

It is easier than ever for brands to be created or destroyed by social media. To demonstrate this quickly, I picked a brand at random and used Twitter’s new search tools to find out what people were saying about it. Because I know that pharmaceutical companies are generally behind in their use of social media […]

The Broken Brand Promise: Progressive

Dear Progressive: Saul Bellow wrote a novel, Herzog, in which the hero occupied his time writing angry letters to public figures. I really don’t have time to do that, but the customer experience I just had has provoked my literary spirit. It’s restless, so here goes: I am your auto insurance customer. I love you because you are always helpful, sympathetic, professional, […]

Social Business: Are You Already Late?

We’ve reached the point where social media is, in the words of Altimeter analyst Brian Solis, “bigger than marketing. It’s also bigger than customer service. [It builds] relationships with customers that improve experiences and more importantly, teaches businesses how to re-imagine products and internal processes to better adapt to potential crises and seize new opportunities.” That’s what […]


So You Want to be a Social Business

Over the past five years, sweeping changes have rocked both small business and multinational corporations on their heels. For most businesses everything has changed. If I’m not mistaken, Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco, was the first to point out that the need to attract and retain young employees who live online was forcing changes to the […]


Deep Lessons About Shallow Conclusions

To my great chagrin, I find I am as guilty as anyone of drawing shallow conclusions about the role and value or social media in a marketing plan. I read this article in Ad Age about an Australian study whose research proved that no more than 1% of fans actually engage with brands on Facebook. In other words, […]


Looking to explore social media in 2012 but don't know where to start?

So you’ve made the resolution that in 2012 you are finally going to “get into” social media and use it to build a brand for yourself or your business. You’re not a geek, and you’re not with a big corporation that already has a social media team or a fairly savvy marketing department. For you, time is […]

The Altered State of the Social Media Guru

What’s the next  professional step for social media “gurus”? For the past five years, social media gurus have been teaching the uninitiated how to create Facebook campaigns, tweet, leverage LinkedIn, and up their follower counts. More recently, that teaching has shifted from quantity (how many Twitter followers can I attract) to quality (how many of those are real […]

Some Processes Shouldn't Be Automated

I realized we had hit bottom on social media as a force for community when I read this on the web site of a startup: Tribber believes that smaller bloggers have something that superstars can never match. Smaller bloggers give personal attention to their community. In turn, the community gives trust to the blogger. Tribber […]

Declaratory Media Vs. Participatory Media

The highest and best uses of social media are not for business.  They are intensely personal.  This is never more clear than during moments of tragedy.  A few days ago, I awoke from a nap to find a breaking news banner across the lower third of my TV screen, and a troubled anchor saying Apple […]

You Can Find Anyone on Social Media, But Can you Get Their Attention?

Social media has not made it easier for either brands or businesses to get attention. It’s like going to SXSW and missing the two people you really needed to connect with while seeing hordes of other attendees. It may seem as if things have gotten more transparent, they haven’t. And that’s because along with all […]