Twitter Egg Head

Top 15 Reasons Why No One Follows You on Twitter

Many people join Twitter but become inactive soon after because they fail to connect with the audience. Here are the top 15 reasons explaining why someone decides to unfollow you on Twitter. Twitter Egg Avatar: It is the default Twitter profile picture or avatar that you should change immediately after creating your account. A genuine photo of […]

60 Twitter Acronyms to Know

Whether you agree or not, we all love to type ‘LOL‘ than ‘Laughing Out Loud‘ to save space, time and effort. As an active user of many micro blogging websites, I also like to use abbreviations in my messages. Many abbreviations are commonly used across all micro blogging websites but some are specific to Twitter. There are around 100 million daily […]

How to Create Different Internet Passwords

  An active user has approximately 7-8 accounts on online social networks. In my case, that number is 5 times because I keep trying new social networks and do not deactivate them after testing its usability.   A major mistake that we commit is keeping a same password for all online social networks. On few […]