Busting 5 Social Media Myths

Welcome to 2014, the New Year! Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday in February. Social media is no longer a new fad but is something which is so pervasive that many businesses and brands have adopted. Unfortunately, there are still some companies that have yet to engage into social media. They may be making the same […]

Social Media Masters Forum [Livestream]

Please scroll below to watch a live stream of the Social Media Masters Forum, featuring international experts from the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Under the patronage of Sheikh Fawaz Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, Minister of State for Communication of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and in association with Social Media Club, […]

The Rise of Social in Customer Care

If you are a social media professional, you are probably working closely with your peers in the customer care department. If you are not, you really should be. Customer care in social has quickly grown in importance. This is one of the seven social media use cases highlighted by new research from TrustRadius, a site […]

Back to Basics: How Social Media Differs From Traditional Media

Social media marketing has been around for some time. There are millions of Facebook business pages, Twitter business accounts, LinkedIn company pages and Youtube business channels. Many companies have at least set-up a page or an account for their company — but are they getting the results they desire? Some manage their social media platforms […]

How to Engage Fans and Followers – Marc Fischman of Hyperactivate

In this special episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, Marc Fischman of Hyperactivate discusses how to best engage your brand’s followers in this fun and engaging video. And please check out the link at the top of the show to learn more about Activating Fans and Followers. Just click “Yes, please.” In this show, you […]

What's the Future of Business? – @briansolis

In this show (click the button in lower right for full screen), noted thought leader and futurist Brian Solis sits down with show host Jeff Ogden for an interesting discussion on the future of business in this fast-changing world. Brian is also author of the new book, What’s the Future of Business?“ In this show, you’ll […]


Making the Right Social Media Connections

by Bill Corbett Jr.  There is much debate about who to connect with on social media sites. Without fail whenever I give a workshop on LinkedIn or Social Media I get the questions. Who should I connect with?  Should I connect with somebody I don’t know?  What is the advantage of connecting with people I […]

"Advertising is Great Story-Telling" Young and Rubicam CEO David Sable

    In this show, David Sable, Global CEO of the huge Young and Rubicam advertising agency speaks with Jeff Ogden of Marketing Made Simple TV. In this show, you’ll learn.  Daid Sable[/caption] Why even a 90 year old firm has to act like a start-up and reinvent itself Why good advertising is really good story-telling […]

B2B from AtoZ – Digital Marketing with Bill Blaney

In this episode of the TV on the Web show, Marketing Made Simple TV, (best viewed in Full Screen mode) Bill Blaney, author of B2B AtoZ sits down with show host Jeff Ogden to discuss insights on B2B marketing today. If you’re a b2b marketer, sales leader or business owner, this show’s for you. In […]

Insights from The CMO Club Innovation Summit – @MargaretMolloy

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, Margaret Molloy, Chief Marketing Officer of Velocidi sits down with host Jeff Ogden and shares key take-aways from The CMO Club Innovation Summit in NYC. Learn what’s on the minds of leading CMOs today. Margaret Molloytoday in this very informative show.[/caption] Specifically, you’ll learn: 1) Why CMOs […]