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Making the Most Out of Social Media and Your Personal Brand

This is a follow up post to a previous article I wrote for Social Media Club about convincing the clueless to join Twitter. So you’ve convinced someone to join Twitter. Now what? The most common question I receive from people who are enthusiastic about Twitter’s possibility is: “I don’t know what to Tweet.” It is […]


Convincing the Clueless to Join Twitter

As a social media professional, it is easy forget that the world does not begin and end with Twitter. While it is part of my everyday, it is not the case for many others. According to new research from Pew, the majority of online adults aren’t tweeting, retweeting or hashtagging. Only 23% of online adults […]

10 Ways to Get Over Writer's Block

As content and social managers, we produce stories and ideas constantly. It’s stimulating, fast paced and creative. Hopefully it’s fun. But sometimes, there are those days when that blank page stares at you in the face and the cursor quietly blinks “hurry up” “type already” “c’mon…” So you ignore the silent, passive aggressive of an […]

How to Use Buzzwords

My last few posts for Social Media Club were about the use and abuse of the word “engagement.” Be it a metric or mediaspeak, it got me thinking about buzzwords. Buzzwords are unavoidable. Admit it: how many times have you delivered a presentation and words such as “transparent,” “disruptive,” “empower” or “authentic” slipped out? They […]

5 Reasons Supporting Social Media Engagement

Earlier this year I shared on this blog why I stopped saying the word engagement. Overall, the piece was received positively by Social Media Club members but there was a small handful that came to engagements defense, including IBM’s Social Media Strategist David Pittman.  I had the opportunity to chat with Pittman in more detail […]

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Why I Stopped Saying Engagement

Towards the end of last year I actively stopped saying the word engagement. I made a point to question how and why I used it until I realized I needed to stop using the term (and its derivatives like engage and engaging) all together. The word has been abused and misused; and it’s time to […]


How to Integrate User-Generated Content into a Social Media Strategy

Thanks to social and digital media, customers are broadcasting their experiences with brands more than ever before. Consumers are generating content about their shopping habits and purchasing decisions across the social web. It’s not just a Consumer Report rating or a newspaper critic’s review that now influence customers. It’s the opinion of existing customers that […]