Does Facebook Paper Reinvent the Newspaper?

Last week, Facebook celebrated its 10th anniversary and, in honor of that major milestone, the social media giant released Paper – a new iOS app that has completely reimagined the way users interact with their Facebook news feed. The app works much in the same way that a magazine would. Content is collected in different […]


Finding A Tech-Life Balance: Tips From Randi Zuckerberg’s Dot Complicated

Social media is a huge part of my life, both personally and professionally; however, lately I’ve been noticing an excessive amount of social media usage on my part. Not a day goes by that friends, family, and coworkers don’t see me posting/tweeting/pinning/instagramming something, and while doing so keeps me incredibly well-connected online, it’s becoming an […]

5 Ways To Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile

As someone who works in communication, I’m constantly reminded how important my social media presence is to my career, and also my personal brand. Heck, in a recent post, I even mentioned this fact to interns looking for their next internship. Being active on social media allows people to get to know your interests and skills, […]

Social Networking for Writers: Hi

For the last few years, it has seemed as if our online society was moving towards a preference for brevity. Twitter instilled the notion that any idea over 140 characters was too long. Online articles went from thousands of words to a few hundred. Even Buzzfeed eliminated heavy word usage in their posts to accommodate […]

3 Tips to Highlight Social Media on Internship Resumes

As a past internship coordinator for my company, I’ve seen my fair share of resumes. Some are good, some are bad, but they all have one thing in common – each resume lists social media as a skill.  And it should. As Ethan Parry mentioned in his recent Social Media Club blog post, social media […]

PolitePersistence Waves Goodbye To Pesky Email Follow-up

Fun fact: Americans spend about 329 million hours on email per month.That number doesn’t surprise me. A public relations professional, it’s safe to say I spend at least one to two hours at work each day sending emails and conducting follow-up. Anyone who works in a communications field, be it PR, social media, or sales, […]


How Facebook Graph Search Benefits Your Brand

Rachael Genson is an Account Executive at INK in Austin, Texas. Tweet her at @rmgenson. Facebook recently rolled out its new Graph Search feature to all English speaking users; and while its functionality for the average user is apparent after almost eight months of being in beta, all of us community managers are wondering what […]

Keeping up with the social media Jones’

Everyone knows that age-old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”.   So in today’s world where social media written content is king, where does that saying really fit in? Last year alone, Twitter saw more than 400 million tweets published each day (according to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo) and the number of Facebook posts […]