How to Use Social Media as a New Mom

You might think it is weird when pregnant women, would-be fathers, new parents are posting crazy posts and pictures and your timeline is flooded with baby pictures and poop descriptions. I also found it weird many a times until I was thrown straight into that situation. I also had the urge to vent out my […]


A Day in the Life of a Community Manager

We as a community manager wear so many hats during a day. Working hours are limited and we have to do our best to keep our fans/ followers engaged and glued to our community. We are good jugglers indeed! Let’s have a sneak peak at what exactly a community manger goes through during 8-10 working […]

5 Tips for Community Management

You maintain connections offline via phone calls, text messages, and meetings. It’s the same online. Human needs are the same and continuous flow of information is required if we want to keep virtual communities alive and engaged. I want to share some tips with you which are working for me while maintaining three virtual communities […]