SMC Bids Hejda to @AndersSporring

Editor’s Note: Anders Sporring wrote his first Clubhouse post in June 2011 questioning the necessity of professional networks. He continued to publish many other pieces for us. All good things must come to an end — and Anders asked we publish the following from his heart to yours… My dear friends and followers, this has […]

The Digital Revolution and The Digital Evolution: Part Three

Digital Schools: Crowdshared Learning The collective intelligence is usually greater than that of an individual. Sharing ideas and learning opportunities can help strengthen one’s knowledge around any given subject, and providing online paths to that knowledge can ensure more people have the opportunity to obtain that knowledge and connect with people interested in the same subject. […]

The Digital Revolution and The Digital Evolution: Part Two

In Part One we dicussed how Curation, Crowdsourcing and the Thirst for Knowledge made up phase one of the Digital Revolution. Now let’s discuss the ramifications of the Digital Evolution as I see it, and how we will take part in shaping this for the better or worse of mankind. Big Brother? I’m sure we all […]

The Digital Revolution And The Digital Evolution: Part One

This has to be one of the more complex subjects I have ever written about. Not many people are ready to except the truth that the digital revolution is over, they think it’s still yet to come. For us early adopters, there’s no question about it at all. But, I can’t refuse this challenge – not for […]


The New Black in Social Media?

A growing tendency right now, that I’ve seen several times is to reduce your personal networks and pull it down to around 100-200 people, a clear social trend which goes back to the small 1800 century villages that rarely contained more than 150 people and where all knew everyone, and perhaps even a relative to […]


Finding Out the Difference Between Personal and Private

All of us that are active in some respect on social networks will sooner or later end up in a situation where we don’t know if we should publish an update or not, so did I, back in September. Let me first start with saying how grateful and fantastic the interaction with my followers and […]

LinkedIn: on its way to being left behind?

Introduction  In this article I’m continuing my thoughts from my earlier article Professional networks – do we need them or are they starting to become obsolete?Now I ask myself if LinkedIn is adopting to the new society, the flowsociety as discussed not only me by but also by Anders Abrahamsson in his article: From structure […]

Social NGO´s – Charity 2.0

NGO’s Being an NGO means partly that you organize, collect and distribute donations you need to run your projects. As you understand – you can obviously see that it’s both difficult and hard to do this at the same time. And it’s especially hard if you are a small organization, so here is where the ‘Social’ […]