Adobe Social – The Answer to Measuring Marketing ROI

Adobe’s latest product, Adobe Social, was rolled out last week and today I was able to get a deep-dive from Lawrence Mak, the Product Marketing Manager for Adobe Social. The first bit that struck me is that Adobe is probably the most obvious company to build a content consumption & tracking capability, because a lot […]

A Lesson of Learning in Social Mis-steps on a Global Scale

*sigh*  This is my usual reaction when I see a post or comment that crosses that line in social media that is decidedly un-social, rude or outside the boundaries of a civil discourse.  I get use it at least once a day, particularly when I am taking in the daily dose of news from the […]

LinkedIn & Slideshare – a Delightful Marriage for the Online Professional & Company

Social media platforms on the web are somewhat schizophrenic – some are focused on consumers, some are focused on business and some just do not seem to know what they want to do when they grow up.  We typically acknowledge Facebook as ever focused on the consumer and their pages for businesses, local merchants, brands […]

Privacy in Public – what are you trying to hide?

I remember irritating the heck out of my kids when they asked for a password to one of the systems in the house that they did not really need access to by asking them “can you keep a secret?”  They’d eagerly reply that they could and await the disclosure of the coveted piece of information.  […]


Adapt or Die – Are They Only Alternatives?

The evolution of the digital marketer is constant and unrelenting, and in an article on ‘Digital Darwinism’ posted at, Brian Solis makes the case that traditional marketers need to update their skill set to include digital or run the risk of being irrelevant. I think he’s right in a hundred ways, but mostly that the […]

Global Communication Strategy – it’s mobile social, feature phone world!

Smart phones are great to own, and over the last holiday season, consumers doubled the number of purchases made via a mobile device versus the prior April – interestingly 90% of those were made on an Apple device.   This is good news for the growth of mobile and smartphones, but in a global communications […]