Calling All Social Media Writers! SMC 2013 Editorial Board Wants You!

Do you love writing about social media? Got best practices to share? Totally into the tech? Know how to use a platform, like Facebook or Pinterest, as if you invented it? We want you to join our 2013 Editorial Board! Social Media Club has set the standard for excellence in original content on social media […]

The NRA After Newtown: Is Silence Ever an Effective Communications Strategy?

As parents, schoolchildren and concerned citizens across the nation poured out their sympathy for families and friends of the young students and teachers who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, one normally vocal corner remained silent. The National Rifle Association, the nation’s largest gun lobby, left news media with little […]

New Venues for Virtual Storytelling

Twitter, the social platform that restricts writers to 140-characters-per-post, has announced it wants to spread its wings by sponsoring the Twitter Fiction Festival, a five-day virtual storytelling event to be held in November. “Twitter is a place to tell stories,” Andrew Fitzgerald, of Twitter’s media team, explains on the Twitter blog. “Often those stories are […]


Reddit’ing, Writing & Arithmetic: Are Schools Teaching the Right Lesson When They Block Social Sites?

  If you think you have a tough time accessing YouTube at work, consider what’s happening in U.S. schools, where restrictive filtering blocks students from websites, social media and blogging platforms.     Even teachers and school librarians aren’t permitted to access legitimate reference sites and academically useful social networking tools on behalf of students […]


Are Social Media Disclaimers for Employees Really Necessary?

Are you as surprised as I am when you encounter “opinions my own, not my employer’s” disclaimers on social media accounts? Many companies still ask that employees write disclaimers into their social media profiles whether the accounts belong to the employer or they’re the personal pages of the employee. Let’s get the disclaimer out of […]

BlogHer Recap: “How to Price and Value Your Services”

One of the most highly anticipated and well-attended sessions of Day Two at BlogHer ’12 was the panel on pricing. Figuring out how to monetize a site is a big question for many bloggers, and the speakers didn’t pull punches. The panel was moderated by Monica Barnett, “Blueprint for Style,” and featured Amy Bradley-Hole, who […]

BlogHer Recap: “Protecting Your Blogging Rights, Respecting Those of Others”

The second day of BlogHer ’12 found crowds of seasoned and newbie bloggers pouring in to this session, featuring a panel of attorneys discussing everything from copyright to fair use to FTC guidelines. The panel was moderated by award-winning writer and contributing editor Lisen Stromberg, “PrismWork.” The attorneys – all bloggers – included Divya […]

BlogHer Recap: “10 Things You Can Do Now to Maximize Your Social Media Expertise”

This was one of the first sessions at the BlogHer ’12 conference, Aug. 2 – 4 in Manhattan, and it was jam-packed with bloggers who wanted to learn how to position themselves to work with brands, find a healthy balance between blogging and professional and personal demands, and promote their blogs on social media.  The […]


The War Over Your Child’s Social Profile

There’s been a lot of talk about revamping the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, originally passed in 1998, to reflect the realities of our social media age.   Many legislators, who voted for the law back when websites were a new thing, want to give COPPA more teeth. This includes updates to ensure social, apps, mobile […]