3 Steps to Measuring Your Social Marketing Campaign with Google Analytics

In order for you to specifically track the fruits of your social marketing labor, you must identify where your website visitors are coming from online. By using the Urchin Tracking Module, better known as UTM codes, you are able to tag links to your promotional content and to track your performance at every point of […]


Five-Phase Workflow Management for the Social Strategist

Summer is approaching, and now may be a good time to evaluate your on-going projects and to complete pending tasks left over from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Last summer I read a classic book on workflow management, David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. I highly recommend this […]

How to Prepare for A Tech Conference: Checklist

Are you attending your first tech conference this year? Don’t forget the first rule of survival: Be prepared!   What to bring  A Notebook – Chances are you will be bringing your laptop, cell phone and maybe even an iPad. These devices all run on batteries, wifi and cellular service. Without one or the other you […]

Why Niche Social Profiles Are a Huge Opportunity for Community Managers

If you take a step backwards and distill the social news over the past few months, you may arrive at few trends and overall takeaways from the way social media platforms have evolved, how people use them and how marketers are finding success with different strategies. One overarching theme prevails: Things are getting more personal […]


Lifesaving Browser Extensions For The Time-Strapped Social Media Manager

Work smarter, not harder! Use browser extensions to lock down your social strategy and accomplish more with less multi-tasking. If you spend much of your workday in Chrome, Firefox or Safari these extensions can help boost your productivity by transforming your passive web browsing experiences into a seamless opportunity for actively managing your workflow. Research […]