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Five Things 2015 Taught Us About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing changes quickly. We’ve known that forever. But lately, it’s changing even more quickly. Our current social media channels are evolving everyday. New competitors are rising through the wood works even faster, but what does that mean? What should our brands care about? What should we takeaway from 2015? There are five areas, which […]


How to Make Surveys and Polls Useful But Fun

Your audience wants to feel heard, but are you listening to them in a way that also helps your brand? Collecting consumer feedback, demographic points or opinions through polls and surveys provides you with a goldmine of information that will inform your next product or campaign. The act of gathering this feedback, however, is easier […]


Perfecting Landing Pages for Social Media Campaigns

As social media traffic continues to increase so does the importance of creating and implementing landing pages into your strategy. This doesn’t have to be difficult. A large portion of the rules that apply to PPC landing pages can be applied to social media landing pages. You also no longer have to worry about spending […]

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Bricks, Clicks and Cash From E-Commerce and Storefronts

By now, e-commerce is already an integral component of the consumer economy. While e-commerce is already an accepted means for shopping and conducting business, some people still are uncertain of the legitimacy of running a successful online businesses as a realistic alternative to a brick and mortar establishment. Up until a decade ago, brick and mortar […]

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The Importance of Social Media for Job Seekers

Thinking about looking for a new job? Why not use your social networks in your job search? Social is the new way in the field of job search and recruitment. It provides a great way for people to connect and network easily. A successful job search is also based on the same principle- meeting of […]


What Does Studio 54 Have to do with Social Media?

One of the most classic theories taught about human nature is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I first learned about it in my very first class in college. It was an introductory psychology class and it made perfect sense. I never really expected to hear about it again, but over the years, it came up again […]