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British Columbia Canada


Who You Are

I saw you in East Van looking for a new challenge.

Me: The world’s most widely used platform for managing social media.

You: Trying (semi-successfully) to explain to your parents why being a “writer” doesn’t mean what it used to, but that’s actually a good thing.

Me: In hyper-growth mode, turning messages into meaningful relationships.

You: Overwhelming your friends with strong opinions about the relative merits of Meerkat and Periscope.

Me: Helping the folks who use social media to build thriving online communities.

You: Swallowing your pedantic grammar notes out of politeness, with difficulty.

Me: Sharing great content every day that helps our audience get more out of social.

You: Secretly the world’s leading expert on the encroachment of emoji upon language. Probably.

Me: Innovating in all things social.

You: Carrying around a copy of Eats, Shoots and Leaves hoping someone asks you about the title. (My kind of nerd.)

Me: Building a team of creative content marketers who love to learn, experiment, and

delight their audience.

You: Never missing a deadline. Even when you’ve set it for yourself.

Me: Having fun BSU-ing! (I’ll tell you when we meet.)

You’re Great at..

  • Writing in relevant topics and business areas
  • Producing 5 examples of published written work for brands and/or media outlets
  • Working within an editorial team, integrating feedback from multiple stakeholders
  • Working in a deadline-driven environment on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Writing with personality within a defined brand voice
  • Social media and all major social media networks (and some minor ones)
  • Moz, SEM Rush, and Google Keyword Planner
  • Writing and editing spanning a wide range of formats, channels, and audiences
  • Producing error-free (“clean”) copy quickly

Bonus Assets:

  • Ability to thrive and laugh under pressure
  • Lives on the social web
  • Published work in national and/or major regional print or web publications
  • Web analytics experience
  • Gif skills
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent workplace experience

How To Apply:

You can apply for this position here.