#SMAC: Social, Mobile, Analytics, Content

Social is platforms or software (apps included) used for communication to connect and interact.  Mobile is the technology used to communicate; capture, create and share. Analytics is the information or data that tells us how people are responding and connecting. Content is the substance of communications be it text, audio, pictures or video. Content was […]

How To Measure Social Media Engagement

Some things just don’t like to be measured. How can you quantify how cute your baby is, or scientifically determine how much you love Monday Night Football?  At first glance, “engagement” seems like one of those unmeasurable things. It’s a fuzzy concept to start, with none of the hard-line numbers that accompany ad campaigns or […]

SMC Book Club: Social Media Analytics Webinar Recap

Earlier this month we introduced our September Book Club title, Social Media Analytics by Marshall Sponder.  Thanks to our Social Media Book Club partners at McGraw-Hill, we were able to send copies to several or our chapter leaders and Professional members to review on our behalf.  Check out some of the reviews from Jeannie Walters […]


Facebook Changes: Progress Comes with Price

It seems almost daily that Facebook changes something about Facebook.  In case you’re not among its more than 500 million active users, here’s a recap of some recent changes:   New profile pages Improved and continuously improving search Privacy policy upgrade Facebook comments boxes on sites and blogs across the web Better mobile experience New […]


Is social media good for lead generation?

Let’s put it this way: if the online space, especially a company’s website, is such a huge marketing tool—the place where the majority of consumers (or other businesses) go to find out about your brand—then why wouldn’t social media/online interaction be a great place to find people seeking your product and/or service? People are out there […]