Sweden: Uniquely Fertile Ground for Social Media Club

Swedish social media visionaries like Anders Abrahamsson found themselves dancing alone for the first few years as their more practical compatriots waited for the field to mature a bit.  However, Sweden now rivals the United States as the country with the most active Social Media Club chapters per capita, though the first formal chapter meeting […]

SMC 5th Anniversary Interview with Anders Abrahamsson

In celebration of our 5th anniversary today, we’re bringing you a few interviews from a few of our most valuable International chapter leaders who have been with us since the beginning and continue to support Social Media Club missions in their local communities.  This morning, I had the pleasure of speaking with Anders Abrahamsson, who […]

Mobilizing Community – with Businesses, Brands, Media, Software and Web. All Social?

  There is a conversation going on what is a “Social Business“. And how it relates to the concept of “Social Media“. It has been introduced / inspired by / instigated here as well, on this part of the World Wide Web called http://socialmediaclub.org. From the co-founder, chairman and professional member #1 Chris Heuer of […]

Creating the Social Web Guide: Think and Act Glocal för Digital Participation

In a time when the limits and boundaries in between us vaporize in a constant conversation and connectivety carried and enabled by the social web, and geographic dependency for “being in the flow” is equal to have “access to the cloud”, wherever may be, maybe it’s time to challenge the old presumption of “Think Global, […]

The Stairway to Global Digital Participation

In my last contribution I provided a backdrop to the conversation room of #digipart – a convo focused on mapping the journey towards Global Digital Participation. With references to different digital marginalizations a Call for Action among SMC Globalists and Activists, the question was posed – ”How do we get all to 'get it'?”. How […]