Is Strip Commerce

Is Strip Commerce On the Rise?

Funny how Valentine’s Day can bring up information we had almost forgotten about.  Last week, many articles on the same subject were shared widely in France. The subject? A new way of attracting attention and engaging customers in a way that should have been used long ago, is now developing on the web. It worked in men’s […]


Divvie App Takes Video Collaboration Coast-to-Coast

It’s no secret that video sharing apps are a hit with millennials. With platforms like Snapchat, Vine and Instagram, teens and 20-somethings are spending their free time sharing short video clips with their peer groups, and while these platforms enable users to share back and forth, there hasn’t yet been an app that allows users […]

Local Targeting Using Yik Yak

Are you looking to reach a local audience? Have you tried using a hashtag on Twitter in hopes of creating a viral event, only to be disappointed in the results? Are older teenagers and younger 20-somethings your target audience? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you might want to look into […]