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Rise of the Gifs

According to Twitter’s blog – “last year, people on Twitter shared over 100 million GIFs…”- no big deal right? Perhaps that’s why Twitter has also allowed brands and consumers to discover, consume, and share GIFs even more easily through GIF search on Twitter. And if that’s not enough you can search more on tumblr. And […]

4 Brands Fully Embracing the New Facebook Timeline

If you’re like many Facebook page administrators, you probably had your company’s business page exactly how you wanted it and then the unthinkable happened: Facebook changed… again.   Fortunately, this time, administrators had advanced warning to learn the new features and plan for their new and improved Facebook company pages.  Although Facebook Timeline has only […]

Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages

  Get ready! Facebook Pages are about to go through another major overhaul. It doesn’t even seem like it’s been that long since the last bigchange; in fact, most of us were just starting to get comfortable with the old Pages. Well, c’est la vie! Here are a few quick and dirty things for you […]

Brands who 'get' Google+

When Google+ recently opened its doors to brands, companies scrambled to put up their pages.  SocialTimes has reported that around 61 percent of the top brands have created Google+ pages. Unfortunately, even behemoth companies are reporting mixed reviews, boasting only meager followings. A BrightEdge study of the world’s top 100 brands that recently was reported […]


Facebook Changes: Progress Comes with Price

It seems almost daily that Facebook changes something about Facebook.  In case you’re not among its more than 500 million active users, here’s a recap of some recent changes:   New profile pages Improved and continuously improving search Privacy policy upgrade Facebook comments boxes on sites and blogs across the web Better mobile experience New […]