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Join Social Media Club & Brian Solis in San Francisco

The future of a brand is experienced. This means that the future of marketing must now be designed to delivery desired experiences and bring them to life. But how companies think about experiences isn’t always how customers feel them. Experience isn’t just one moment. An experience is the sum of all engagements. Experiential/omni marketing has […]


New SMC Board of Director Positions

We formed the Social Media Club Board of Directors (BOD) a year ago and are taking exciting steps to help bring our global SMC chapters together to work in harmony to promote digital media literacy, promote standard technologies, encourage ethical behavior and share best practices. Read more about our exciting progression from SMC’s foundation to the […]

Social Business: Are You Already Late?

We’ve reached the point where social media is, in the words of Altimeter analyst Brian Solis, “bigger than marketing. It’s also bigger than customer service. [It builds] relationships with customers that improve experiences and more importantly, teaches businesses how to re-imagine products and internal processes to better adapt to potential crises and seize new opportunities.” That’s what […]


Adapt or Die – Are They Only Alternatives?

The evolution of the digital marketer is constant and unrelenting, and in an article on ‘Digital Darwinism’ posted at, Brian Solis makes the case that traditional marketers need to update their skill set to include digital or run the risk of being irrelevant. I think he’s right in a hundred ways, but mostly that the […]

In this Adapt or Die Digital World, Where Are You Headed?

A big tech meteor has crashed into the economic landscape and changed the business climate forever. Now is the time to decide if your business is going to go the way of the dinosaurs or evolve to survive in the new world order.   Sound a little melodramatic? Perhaps. But if you work in any business, […]

The State of Social Marketing 2011–2012 Report

Social media thought leader and Principal at Altimeter Group, Brian Solis, released The State of Social Media Marketing 2011-2012 last week.  This research was produced by Pivot Conference and The Hudson Group, which surveyed 181 brand managers and agency professionals to gain insight into how their organizations are leveraging social tools and explore any trends […]

Are You Getting the R.E.S.U.L.T.S You Want from your Social Media Strategy?

There are no shortcuts to success.   Success in life is always looking at the R.E.S.U.L.T.S. of your efforts and adapting and evolving as you continue to pursue your goals.   Take a look and ask yourself “Are You Getting the R.E.S.U.L.T.S You Want from Your social media Strategy. Recommit to Continuous Learning.  Learning doesn’t […]


What Gary Vaynerchuk and my Mum have in common

Gary Vaynerchuk recently posted a video to Google+ Weddings vs. Marriage: A business story. He has a really interesting analogy about the lifetime value of social media. He feels mosts businesses today are acting like a bride that puts more energy and effort in planning their wedding than they do putting into their marriage. I recommend you watch […]

Attention seekers, why you need context as well as great content

Attention seekers, why you need context as well as great content Yesterday morning I woke up with  a strong desire to get away from it all and drive to San Francisco for the day. I tweeted my craving for some city time and received some great tips for events and lots of encouragement to go. I also […]