72 Hours & 25 Million Impressions: Drunken Suggestion That Started A Meme

Driving internet traffic is easy. Making something of it is the hard part. I used to live with a guy so immensely talented at delivering puns that most conversations ended with me speechless and him walking slyly out of the room. It’s as if he had a one minute time machine that enabled him to […]


3 Social Media Strategies For Your Business

Many argue that social media strategy is a buzz word with no real merit. The skeptics say that you don’t need a social media strategy. They argue that social media is part of any company’s traditional marketing mix. Skeptics point to the fact that all marketing channels should be integrated meaning that your message on […]

Case Study on HLG Studios: How to Be Successful with Viral Video Marketing

There are many components to a successful viral marketing campaign and (as most of us know) they are rarely a success.  There is the occasional “win” and I believe I have found one.   HLG Studios, a Los Angeles based production house and creative agency, released a series of five “Rejected Super Bowl Ads” for […]

How Not to Tweet

Business and individuals have posted content on social media sites, only to regret it. In some cases, immediately.  Only recently, SMC member Melissa Pont posted a great article about social media brand failures that I’m sure the companies regretted.  At least, I hope they did. While this article will probably bring at least one chuckle […]


How to Integrate User-Generated Content into a Social Media Strategy

Thanks to social and digital media, customers are broadcasting their experiences with brands more than ever before. Consumers are generating content about their shopping habits and purchasing decisions across the social web. It’s not just a Consumer Report rating or a newspaper critic’s review that now influence customers. It’s the opinion of existing customers that […]

Why Copy and Paste Customer Service is Dead

Social customer service is no longer avoidable. Customers are airing brands’ dirty laundry, complaining and giving kudos on social networks, expecting a timely and personal response in return. Not only do brands need to have a social media customer service plan in place, the response needs to include a modern, personal touch, not your typical […]


Creative Approaches for Arts Organizations Using Social Media

Small cultural groups that rely heavily on part-time or volunteer staff and donations face a challenge when it comes to developing and executing a social strategy.  It’s unfortunate that groups that are so social by nature are often strapped for cash and hampered by the time that staff and volunteers can dedicate to social media.  […]

Social Media Case Study: National Australia Bank

On February 14, 2011 National Australia Bank (NAB) launched a very public and embarrassing ‘break-up’ from the other banking conglomerates including, ANZ, Westpac and CommBank.  It started with a tweet NAB tweeted, “Sooooo stressed out. Have to make a tough decision and know I’ll probably hurt someone’s feelings. Arrggghhh.” Understandably, people thought this was just […]

From Online to Offline: Exceeding Expectations on Social Media

This guest blog is by Kevin Saghy as part of our themed content hosted the first week of each month, with November focusing on professional sports organizations. Kevin is the public relations and marketing specialist for the Chicago Cubs.  You can connect with Kevin on Twitter: @CredibleKev or @CubsInsider.  As social media becomes a common offering from big brands, consumers’ expectations have begun to change. […]

Case Study: How IBM Does Social Business

There has been a lot of advanced conversation around the topic of ‘Social Business’ and it is gaining momentum because more large organizations are striving to put social at the core of their business.  On Friday, September 23rd, Kat Mandelstein, who leads global marketing at IBM shared an excellent case study with Social Media Masters NYC […]