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Is it Possible to Market with a Goal to Break the Internet?

For digital marketers, success is sometimes defined when content goes viral. The elusive term is a goal that many attempt, few actually succeed. Why? Probably because forcing something to go beyond its intended reach, doesn’t often work. In social media, the term is misused to describe a scenario in which content breaks the normal boundaries […]

Social Media Club 2012 Census Results

Social Media Club has just completed our annual census and we are pleased to share the results with you now.  Our community continues to expand and in the last year we added 28 new Chapters (total of 346), and are now in 56 countries (increase from 49 last year) on six continents. High growth areas for […]


6 Must Have Travel Apps for Summer

It’s summertime! You know what that means? It’s time for a vacation, but between working full-time, juggling active kids and doing endless amounts of yard work, who has time to plan?  Fortunately there are many apps available to help you before, during and after your trip.  Check out these six must have travel applications: TipList […]

Let Buddypress Outdo Facebook

The other week, once again we saw “the biggest IPO” game played – the Facebook. It’s all about billions. Dollars, and approaching that number of users, making it the first social service on the web attracting a billion and beyond.  At the same time, now being on the stock market, there is an obvious risk […]

Zaarly and Filament: Sustaining the Arts

I love it when a plan comes together. I’d chomp on a cigar right now if I wasn’t such a hippie anti-smoker. I’ve had the privilege of being at the heart of an incredible partnership over the past couple of weeks. That this has all come together in such an amazingly short time is truly a testament to […]

What I’ve learned after one year as Community Manager of Social Media Club

  I’ll soon be celebrating my one year anniversary with Social Media Club.  When I first joined on a part-time basis, Yong Lee and I conducted our first community census, which showed the size and growth Social Media Club has sustained since 2006.   My hope since starting was to join SMC full-time, which I did at the beginning […]

#Cancersucks: How cancer survivors connect with Twitter

The cancer community is active and engaged in the social media space. Using Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums, cancer survivors use social media to connect with others and communicate with family and friends. This article highlights how one cancer survivor found support through Twitter and provides tips for joining the conversation. Support tweeps I met […]

Social Media Club Founder Interviewed by Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner

Social Media Club Examiner’s Michael Stelzner posted an interview with Social Media Club Founder, Chris Heuer.   In the post, Getting Social Media Right: Insights from the Social Media Club, Heuer shares some of the reasons he launched Social Media Club in 2006, with a main purpose to narrow the gap in knowledge when social media […]

The Global Digital Participation 'What's Next?' – Building Community for Crowdsourcing

Let’s begin with a roundup and review. In two articles, last weeks of December and January respectively, we’ve been pointing at the absolute and relative need to increase the Global Digital Participation. We shared the statistics that brings us the raw, measurable, physical and obvious – those being without the access to the web. The […]


Mobilizing Community for Social Change: A Look Inside Movements.org

Given recent events in Northern Africa, this fact (and excerpt from my last post) is fastened deep within my consciousness: “Relationships are being built and calls to action are more tangible because of the social networks the Internet brings. We are having more and more of an impact on social change in our communities…” While […]