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Why I Stopped Saying Engagement

Towards the end of last year I actively stopped saying the word engagement. I made a point to question how and why I used it until I realized I needed to stop using the term (and its derivatives like engage and engaging) all together. The word has been abused and misused; and it’s time to […]

#SMAC: Social, Mobile, Analytics, Content

Social is platforms or software (apps included) used for communication to connect and interact.  Mobile is the technology used to communicate; capture, create and share. Analytics is the information or data that tells us how people are responding and connecting. Content is the substance of communications be it text, audio, pictures or video. Content was […]


10 Tips on How to Establish a Guest Blogging Policy

Content is significant to every brand and their marketing strategy — but content creation takes time, effort, planning, and well-equipped writers. Some brands have the staff to write and whip out content continuously, while others seek outside sources. And some prefer both. When hiring guest bloggers to write for your brand, there are a few […]


Debunk These 6 Myths about SEO to Optimize Your Site or Blog

You know why people still believe the Loch Ness Monster myth? They’re convinced no one’s found Nessie because they don’t know where to look…  Rescue your content from the murky depths of search. Debunk these six myths about SEO and, whether you manage an online store, a corporate website or a personal blog, the people you […]


Content, Content, and…more Content

In the days of “content being king” many brands have recognized both the importance and value of content in their marketing strategies. Simply put, marketing without content is like peanut butter without the jelly. Now that would be a sad little sandwich. Luckily most brands have not forgotten the relevant ingredient.  Created ContentOk, so content. Check. […]

Introducing Social Media Club's Monthly Themed Content

Social Media Club will begin hosting themed editorial content for the first week of each month, with upcoming months focusing on social good/non-profit, healthcare, automotive and hospitality industries.  As you know, we are not at a shortage for how different verticals are using social media but we also want to highlight the folks who are […]

Don't Confuse Content Curation for Content Filtering

Recently, the topic of curation has entered a few conversations with colleagues and I wanted to cover how curation is influencing much of the content we’re consuming, and what the risks and rewards of curation are.  What is the difference in Curation vs. Filters?  Some people confuse content curation for content aggregators or filtering tools, […]


Where's the Beef?

As a social media consultant I’m frequently met with questions in regards to what constitutes “good content”, especially as it relates to blogs.  I’ve been fortunate to work in a wide array of industries, so narrowing down what I consider good attributes was a bit of challenge. None-the-less, I dusted off the ole thinking cap […]

Tune into Social Media Clubhouse 6 Live Ustream

Social Media Clubhouse 6 kicked off yesterday in Austin, Texas.  We’ve had jam packed days of programming being hosted on our UStream channel. Some of our speakers have included, Ask.com CEO Doug Leeds, Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, Chapter Leaders, Professors from the Higher Education space, along with Social Media Club chapter leaders from across […]

Social Media Clubhouse 6

For those who submitted panels to ‘that big event in Austin next month’ but your session was not selected, submit your idea to Social Media Clubhouse 6!  Social Media Clubhouse 6 will be hosted within easy walking distance of all the downtown Austin hot spots and we’ll be hosting a livestream Friday, March 11th through […]