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Why I Stopped Saying Engagement

Towards the end of last year I actively stopped saying the word engagement. I made a point to question how and why I used it until I realized I needed to stop using the term (and its derivatives like engage and engaging) all together. The word has been abused and misused; and it’s time to […]


How to Use Social Media as a New Mom

You might think it is weird when pregnant women, would-be fathers, new parents are posting crazy posts and pictures and your timeline is flooded with baby pictures and poop descriptions. I also found it weird many a times until I was thrown straight into that situation. I also had the urge to vent out my […]

Is Black Friday About the Best Things?

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, more turkey, and succulent pumpkin pie, it truly is that time of year. At the end of each November, Americans gather and celebrate various holidays. Thanksgiving is among them. The main purpose of this holiday is to be grateful for what we have. Unfortunately, I feel that we are becoming too […]


Creative Approaches for Arts Organizations Using Social Media

Small cultural groups that rely heavily on part-time or volunteer staff and donations face a challenge when it comes to developing and executing a social strategy.  It’s unfortunate that groups that are so social by nature are often strapped for cash and hampered by the time that staff and volunteers can dedicate to social media.  […]

Are there cultural differences in social media?

As ashamed as I am to admit it, I am very simple-minded when it comes to cultural differences.  I have been outside of my home country once; I traveled to Fulda, Germany, in 2009 for a two week study abroad trip during college.  It may have opened my eyes to cultural diversity when I was […]