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Enhance Customer Service with Social Media Engagement

More and more consumers are turning to social media first to voice complaints, have complicated situations resolved, and express concerns in the case of a crisis. Studies have found people often use social media as first preference to voice a complaint, rather than channels including phone, face-to-face, email or web chat. I blogged about this last month, […]


Adding Social Media to the Supply Chain

Is A Lack of Presence on Social Media Impacting the Supply Chain? If you had to ask supply chain executives about social media, they’d probably get stuck somewhere after the word social. Why? Their goal is to ship. Not to socialize. Today’s consumers keenly aware of the products they like and are equally in tune with what alternatives […]

SMC - Not Perfect

Nobody’s Perfect: A Lesson in Social Customer Service

I want you to do something that you’ve probably never done before. I want you to hope that people complain about your company on your social media sites. Sounds like I’m crazy, I know, but you really want them to do it. I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. Your company isn’t perfect, either. So, if […]

Why Copy and Paste Customer Service is Dead

Social customer service is no longer avoidable. Customers are airing brands’ dirty laundry, complaining and giving kudos on social networks, expecting a timely and personal response in return. Not only do brands need to have a social media customer service plan in place, the response needs to include a modern, personal touch, not your typical […]

The Rise of Social in Customer Care

If you are a social media professional, you are probably working closely with your peers in the customer care department. If you are not, you really should be. Customer care in social has quickly grown in importance. This is one of the seven social media use cases highlighted by new research from TrustRadius, a site […]

Why Social Customer Service Falls Behind

As customers, we expect a lot from companies who use social media to respond to customer service issues.  Scratch that. We expect ALL companies to be responsive when we go to them via social media. Recent studies from Ambassador and Social Bakers reveal how mismatched our expectations are with reality. Consider what we expect: 71% […]

The Broken Brand Promise: Progressive

Dear Progressive: Saul Bellow wrote a novel, Herzog, in which the hero occupied his time writing angry letters to public figures. I really don’t have time to do that, but the customer experience I just had has provoked my literary spirit. It’s restless, so here goes: I am your auto insurance customer. I love you because you are always helpful, sympathetic, professional, […]


All you need to know about social media customer service in 8 emoticons

Social media marketers have a lot to say in a little space. We’ve only got 140 characters on Twitter, and Facebook posts with 80 characters or fewer garner higher engagement rates. Luckily we’ve got a secret weapon: emoticons! If you talk with customers or clients on social media, you’ve likely seen lots of these guys. In […]


Hello Vendors … My name is Mireille…And… I’m No Longer Your Customer

It has been suggested that you need to attract at least ten to fifteen customers for every customer you lose; with social media, the numbers increase significantly.     Vendors Pay Attention … please  Six weeks ago I updated one of my computers to Microsoft Windows 7 and I have been having problems with customer […]