5 Tips For Online Brands to Better Know Customers

Whether you’re a small business or a global business, knowing your audience is the backbone of selling your products and services. Without this knowledge, you’re basically throwing stuff at a wall and seeing if it sticks through your content marketing, social media engagement, and product marketing strategies. Does that sound effective? I didn’t think so. […]


Social as the Customer Experience Watchtower

Early warning signals have helped us avoid damaging natural disasters or workplace catastrophes, so why not use the ones available to us for avoiding customer experience disasters? The way customers seek help is changing, thanks in some part to how inefficient many of the traditional methods have become.  The growing percentage of customers who prefer […]


Hello Vendors … My name is Mireille…And… I’m No Longer Your Customer

It has been suggested that you need to attract at least ten to fifteen customers for every customer you lose; with social media, the numbers increase significantly.     Vendors Pay Attention … please  Six weeks ago I updated one of my computers to Microsoft Windows 7 and I have been having problems with customer […]