E-Commerce Becomes F-Commerce

Six weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Shop.org Summit in Boston, Mass.  This particular summit is one of the largest conferences for online retailers.  Over 400 participants attended, 225 vendors appeared and seven influential keynote speakers presented over a three day period.  As with all major conferences, certain trends stood out: mobile e-commerce, […]


Ecommerce USA and Brazil – Similarities, Differences and Partnerships

After attending the recent 2011 Ecommerce Brasil event in beautiful and expansive Sao Paulo, I nearly immediately attended the leading ecommerce event in the USA, Shop.org’s Annual Summit.  In both cases, I could feel the pulse of innovation.  These were my people… the bold and fearless.  Those that swim out into the ocean looking for the big waves and riding […]


Social and Digital In Brazil

 Ahh Brazil… An amazing country that is undergoing change so visceral that you can actually touch it as you walk down the main avenues of Sao Paulo.  Literally every other building is undergoing expansion, rehab or rebuild. And this is in a city of 20 million people.  It is a country that is hyper-social as a […]