Email Subscription Gray Tactics

There’s bad advice going around. That’s my conclusion after seeing the same thing over and over and over again. A lot of us who make it a point to meet people, share cards and share connections are suffering from the over-aggressive email marketers. There are actual laws on the books to help prevent SPAM. This […]

PolitePersistence Waves Goodbye To Pesky Email Follow-up

Fun fact: Americans spend about 329 million hours on email per month.That number doesn’t surprise me. A public relations professional, it’s safe to say I spend at least one to two hours at work each day sending emails and conducting follow-up. Anyone who works in a communications field, be it PR, social media, or sales, […]

Small Business Marketers and Connected Viewers

It’s 7 o’clock on a Tuesday night, you are watching your favorite TV sitcom.  You are laughing and enjoying yourself… then it cuts to a commercial.  There is nothing more annoying than commercials, right?  So to pass the three-minute interval, you pick up your smartphone to check your email or play your turn on Words […]

Microsoft Mango takes social living to a new level

As the presence of social media in our daily lives increases, we begin to depend more and more on our smartphones to keep us connected. That is why the news of a new Microsoft mobile operating system, to be introduced this fall, caught my eye. On May 24, the corporate giant announced the release of […]