Social Media is Boring – Long Live the Social Web!

Yes, Social Media is Boring. But! Long live the Social Web! Calling for Co-Explorers! Last November, I attended one of the most important events in Sweden to converse all things Internet, “Internetdagarna.”  Translated as, “The Internet Days,” this event is arranged by The Internet Infrastructure Foundation in Sweden, the one’s administrating our cTLD – .se, […]

Let Us Co-Discover the Flow Society – what are the sub-themes?

In my last monthly entry I introduced a conversation about what prospectively could be meant with ”The Flow Society”. In the much-repeated claim that we undergo a great ”paradigm shift”, you always have to ask yourself “from” where and what, and identify “to” this and that. Hopefully added with some why’s. My claims at this […]


From Structure Society to Flow Society: An Introduction

When I sat out on a journey to be a monthly contributive editor for Social Media Club Editorial Team, I updated my profile here on SMC accordingly. I found some core themes in how I think and act in relation to this rapidly shifting and changing area we try to grasp, collaboratively and collectively in […]