Protecting Your Family From Online Attacks

How can you protect your family from online attacks?  Like most people, I find the Internet a very convenient way to communicate with friends and family in addition to using it at work. However, it comes with some risks, which parents must be aware of in order to protect themselves from online predators. To help […]


Internet Advertising Up 16 Percent in 2014 and Everyone is Targeted

Social media has long been thought to be dominated by teenagers and young people. This held true during the initial emergence of social media networks but over the last several years demographics have changed. There has been significant growth in the use of social media sites by older users. There are fascinating trends happening. Currently […]

Why You Should Opt-In To Google Endorsements

  Why Google Shared Endorsements are a Good Thing Ninety two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising, according to a 2012 study by Nielsen. Recently, Google updated its terms of service so your friends, family […]

Why to Personalize Your Social Networking

I unabashedly love social media. I’ve enjoyed being a part of a global community through tweets, status updates and #hashtags. I love the opportunities social media provides for us to connect in meaningful ways. So why do so many people squander the chance to truly connect? LinkedIn Invitations from Strangers I use LinkedIn a lot […]


The Do's and Don'ts of Your Profile

In personal branding and business marketing it is vital to have an effective online presence. Your profile projects who you are and serves as the foundation of your personal brand. Your profile must initiate the best possible impression and be the conduit for the messages you and your organization need to deliver. Having a well written […]


New Google+ Notifications Improve Engagement

Google+ has made engagement with others just a bit easier. It used to be that if you wanted to read or respond to something on Google+, you had to log in to do so.  But early this month, Google+ added some new functionality – reading comments, responding to threads and adding +1s – to Gmail […]

Google and American Express OPEN want your Stories … in Videos

Matthew Bavosa suggests in his blog post 101 Online Video Stats to Make Your Eyes Glaze Over “that the demand and opportunity for online video is staggering.”  With the increase of mobile devices such smart phones, iphones, ipads and tablets, videos have now entered into main stream viewing and everyone can get into the act.  Here […]


Google+ Launches Pages for Businesses

When Google+ launched earlier this year, we set up a brand page for Social Media Club and invested several days into building our corporate profile and connecting with our members on the platform. It was a hack of course, as the system wanted a first name/last name, gender and more – but we wanted to […]


Google+: First Tips and Tricks

When Google+ opened for beta testers last Friday, I was privileged to start kicking the tires.  I was immediately sucked into playing on a new playground. “Ooo, what does this do?” “Ooo, shiney!” I was supposed to be leaving for a mini-vacation, but had a hard time tearing myself away. So, what’s a techno, self-proclaimed […]

Always consider your online activity could be used in court

Lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the impact of what we post and say online.  Living in Orlando and watching the coverage of the high profile Casey Anthony trial that is currently going on here, I have been struck by how many times evidence from MySpace postings or Google searches has been discussed.  […]