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Rise of the Gifs

According to Twitter’s blog – “last year, people on Twitter shared over 100 million GIFs…”- no big deal right? Perhaps that’s why Twitter has also allowed brands and consumers to discover, consume, and share GIFs even more easily through GIF search on Twitter. And if that’s not enough you can search more on tumblr. And […]

Are You Making One of these 5 Blogging Mistakes?

There are millions and millions of blogs living in the blogosphere.  Sadly, only a handful of blogs get regular readership.  The problem is blogs are so easy to start up, but not as easy to build up.  Many bloggers don’t know what they are getting themselves into after they have an account and blog address.   […]


6 Tips That Will Take Your Infographics from Chartjunk to Valuable Content

From saber-tooth tiger-bait to link-bait, infographics have come a long way. Here’s a guide to their invention, how to use them effectively, and how to avoid infographics that add to the “contentification” of social media rather than offering real insight.  A Brief History of Infographics  There have been infographics in one form or another from […]

Pinterest: Pin It While It’s Hot

If you haven’t heard about Pinterest, you’re missing out on the hottest social media site to hit Twitter since well, Twitter! For those of you who are lovers of WeddingGawker, Tastespotting and other visual bookmarking sites, Pinterest is the catch-all mecca you have been craving. Now you can tag anything and everything you like on […]