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Instagram Search: What it Means for Brands

Instagram has been tweaking their search functionality for quite some time. This allows consumers to discover more and to follow and engage with fresh new content. Instagram is similar to twitter or tumblr in some ways where you can see what’s trending and decide to check out the conversation and/or follow the user. Why does […]

How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags were first known on Twitter for grouping conversations in one stream related to topics, events, brands, and more. They’ve since become utilized across other channels like Instagram, tumblr, and Facebook. There are differences for each channel and best practices for each. Twitter: Try not to use more than 2 to 3 hashtags (preferably 1 […]

Tag Your Way to Instagram Success

Since my last blog post explaining why an organization should join Instagram, the next step is illustrating how to dominate this visual platform by using hashtags. While hashtags are supported by most social networks, most associate the # with Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags have achieved mainstream status by being integrated into pop culture and are […]

Keeping up with the social media Jones’

Everyone knows that age-old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”.   So in today’s world where social media written content is king, where does that saying really fit in? Last year alone, Twitter saw more than 400 million tweets published each day (according to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo) and the number of Facebook posts […]


5 Creative ways to use social media apps/tools to capture your summer vacation

Summer brings many enjoyable times each season including beach trips, family time, bbq’s, and much more. The tough part is remembering to capture all these great times so you can recall and reminisce later on. Luckily there are many creative ways to do so effectively, quickly, and easily with the touch of a smartphone app.  […]