Are there cultural differences in social media?

As ashamed as I am to admit it, I am very simple-minded when it comes to cultural differences.  I have been outside of my home country once; I traveled to Fulda, Germany, in 2009 for a two week study abroad trip during college.  It may have opened my eyes to cultural diversity when I was […]


E-Commerce Becomes F-Commerce

Six weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Summit in Boston, Mass.  This particular summit is one of the largest conferences for online retailers.  Over 400 participants attended, 225 vendors appeared and seven influential keynote speakers presented over a three day period.  As with all major conferences, certain trends stood out: mobile e-commerce, […]

Resources for Advertising on Twitter

We’ve all seen Promoted Tweets go viral in a short amount of time, such as Toyota’s Prius Goes Plural and Virgin America’s Company Expansion into Canada, but do you have to be a Fortune 500 company to successfully advertise on Twitter?   The answer is no.  Many new third-party advertising platforms are coming out of […]

The Rise of Social Gaming

With the dramatic growth of games like Angry Birds and the news that Cityville has surpassed Farmville in popularity, I wanted to find what the attraction to these games are and why do advertisers want in? The answer is actually quite simple. Social gaming may feel like a time waster to those outside of the […]