Pinterest: Pin It While It’s Hot

If you haven’t heard about Pinterest, you’re missing out on the hottest social media site to hit Twitter since well, Twitter! For those of you who are lovers of WeddingGawker, Tastespotting and other visual bookmarking sites, Pinterest is the catch-all mecca you have been craving. Now you can tag anything and everything you like on […]


Social Media Club CES Preview

CES is just around the corner, much to every geek’s delight. The annual Consumer Electronics Show has gotten even bigger over the past few years with the addition of minute by minute coverage from websites like TechCrunch and Mashable, bringing consumer electronics to the masses in 140 characters or less. As social media professionals and […]


Does Social Media Turn You On?

Or does it turn you off? We live in a new era where words like “social media”, “interaction”, and “engagement” are thrown around on a daily basis. Whether or not you’re in the thick of it in marketing, advertising or PR, or looking at it from a pure business perspective, chances are social media is […]


Netflix Lessons Learned: PR & Social Media Opportunity

By now you have heard about the new Netflix rates scheduled to hit this fall. Most likely you heard about it from angry friends and colleagues, and all of the bad press slamming Netflix for how they relayed the message to their customers. There were many customers who simply balked and terminated their service.  There […]

The Social Media Search Filter

I was really intrigued by the TED Talk given by Eli Pariser on “filter bubbles”. We know from such movies as Terminator that sometimes technology can get too smart for our own feeble human good. But as more and more companies, media conglomerates, mobile, application, and Web 2.0 users race towards hyper-local, geo-targeted selling and […]

Social Media + Business = Branding

 A recent report from Social Media Examiner cites that businesses and social media have finally announced their love affair, with 90% of marketers indicating that social media is important for their business.  According to the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry report (download the full report here), the leading benefit of social media for businesses is […]

Dining in a Digital World

In this world of Internet immediacy and hyper-location, it’s important for small businesses to make their online mark. This article in the New York Times last week struck me as a great example of how one business owner is taking on the challenge of standing out among the masses.   Online research is the way […]