Net Neutrality Truths for B2B Marketers

Have you heard the term, “net neutrality,” in the news recently? I admit, this topic only recently crossed my radar since I usually focus more on social media, blogging, and digital marketing articles. It turns out that net neutrality actually has huge implications for folks like myself who rely heavily on the Internet for writing, research […]

Will Teens Flock to LinkedIn?

If you know any teenagers, or have your own, you may have heard that Facebook is quickly losing its “cool”. According to a recent Pew survey, more teens dislike the growing trend of adults using the site, the constant “drama” that seems to appear there, and people excessively sharing content. The study also concluded that […]


Online Impersonation: Should New California Law Incorporate Brands?

Effective January 1, 2011, the state of California created Bill 1411 which states:  “Any person who knowingly and without consent credibly impersonates another actual person through or on an InternetWeb site by other electronic means for purposes of harming, intimidating, threatening, or defrauding another person is guilty of a public offense.”    E-personation will now […]