Win an Invite to Social Media Club House 4 at Blog World Expo 2010

As Blog World Expo 2010 kicks off tomorrow, October 14th, Social Media Club will be hosting our Social Media Club House 4! Social Media Club House will be hosting private parties each night, where we will Livestream a nightly recap of the Blog World Expo events, http://bit.ly/SMCHweb, at midnight pacific time on Thursday & Friday. […]


Social Media Lunch Meat 10/6

I like blogs but sometimes, the amount of content I'm reading gets overwhelming so I resort to my kindergarten days of liking anything with pretty pictures!  Think consuming content + Pretty pictures = Infographics. Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly[1], […]


Social Media Lunch Meat 9/30

We introduced the “Lunch Meat” blog just one month ago and in doing so, wanted to highlight the “Best Of” within the social media industry. We particularly like Lunch because they follow a very similar mission to Social Media Club, being… The "Lunch Way" Be Real. Sharing your real name, real photo, and connecting with […]


Social Media Lunch Meat 9/22

Last week, yours truly participated as a presenter at Jeff Pulver's #140 Characters Conference: The State of Now, in Boston on Tuesday, September 14th. I spoke about an event Social Media Club Nashville helped organize, which brought together more than 30 volunteers for 24 hours to create a new website, logo and marketing strategy for […]


Social Media Lunch Meat 9/15

LunchThis This week our favorite review was by Pecctoralmpius who highlighted all the reasons why video content helps us challenge media, by allowing us to create and share our own, as he titled it Freedom of Choice and the Democratization of Propaganda.     Chocolate Rain is a great example of the second pillar of YouTube, the […]


Social Media Lunch Meat 9/8

How to filter out the people that don't 'get it' on Twitter We have all seen the people in our Twitter feed whose Tweets fall under the T.M.I. (Too Much Information) category.  Perhaps most of their tweets are just noise but we don't want to filter them out completely.  Jolson posted some tips on the social […]


Social Media Lunch Meat

Our newly weekly feature couldn’t have hit at a better time, back-to-school, first day of September and just a few short weeks before Social Media Club kicks off the SMC Fall Tour 2010, with Chevrolet Cruze. You may now look forward to a new Wednesday (to help get over the hump day blues) feature called […]