Back to Basics: How Social Media Differs From Traditional Media

Social media marketing has been around for some time. There are millions of Facebook business pages, Twitter business accounts, LinkedIn company pages and Youtube business channels. Many companies have at least set-up a page or an account for their company — but are they getting the results they desire? Some manage their social media platforms […]

The Customer is a Media

Information grows and crawls more and more across different channels. That goes for businesses as well, now, with an incredibly interactive two-way conversation, like we’ve never seen. Traditional medias try to surf the wave, adapting themselves, creating “360” fake environments to trick the bulk. But in fact, everybody, with the envy, motivation and know-how can become an “interesting iterative […]

Declaratory Media Vs. Participatory Media

The highest and best uses of social media are not for business.  They are intensely personal.  This is never more clear than during moments of tragedy.  A few days ago, I awoke from a nap to find a breaking news banner across the lower third of my TV screen, and a troubled anchor saying Apple […]


Mobilizing Community for Social Change: A Look Inside

Given recent events in Northern Africa, this fact (and excerpt from my last post) is fastened deep within my consciousness: “Relationships are being built and calls to action are more tangible because of the social networks the Internet brings. We are having more and more of an impact on social change in our communities…” While […]

What's Hot in Blogging: December 2010

The first Wednesday of every month, contributor Amy Phillips will recap what made waves in blogging for the previous month. Wikileaks If there was one theme this month, across the world, it was wikileaks. Both the site and its founder Julian Assange’s legal issues were the topics. Blogs continue to debate whether or not Assange is […]