Internet Advertising Up 16 Percent in 2014 and Everyone is Targeted

Social media has long been thought to be dominated by teenagers and young people. This held true during the initial emergence of social media networks but over the last several years demographics have changed. There has been significant growth in the use of social media sites by older users. There are fascinating trends happening. Currently […]

Why Social Customer Service Falls Behind

As customers, we expect a lot from companies who use social media to respond to customer service issues.  Scratch that. We expect ALL companies to be responsive when we go to them via social media. Recent studies from Ambassador and Social Bakers reveal how mismatched our expectations are with reality. Consider what we expect: 71% […]


3 Steps to Measuring Your Social Marketing Campaign with Google Analytics

In order for you to specifically track the fruits of your social marketing labor, you must identify where your website visitors are coming from online. By using the Urchin Tracking Module, better known as UTM codes, you are able to tag links to your promotional content and to track your performance at every point of […]

How To Measure Social Media Engagement

Some things just don’t like to be measured. How can you quantify how cute your baby is, or scientifically determine how much you love Monday Night Football?  At first glance, “engagement” seems like one of those unmeasurable things. It’s a fuzzy concept to start, with none of the hard-line numbers that accompany ad campaigns or […]

SMC Book Club: Social Media Analytics Webinar Recap

Earlier this month we introduced our September Book Club title, Social Media Analytics by Marshall Sponder.  Thanks to our Social Media Book Club partners at McGraw-Hill, we were able to send copies to several or our chapter leaders and Professional members to review on our behalf.  Check out some of the reviews from Jeannie Walters […]

A New Measurement of Success in Social Media?

In the day-to-day business setting, metrics are often focused on unique visitors, traffic patterns and impact on sales revenue but a new study by APCO and the Huffington Post, suggests the true measurements are 6 key factors in determining a companies social media success, Dialogue  Customer Service Quality of Content Platform Diversity Engagement & Interaction […]