Why Mobile Marketing Is Essential For Businesses – Big and Small

With all the current technology available today it’s essential for businesses to be aware and informed about the ever-changing world of mobile advertising and marketing. To begin, mobile advertising creates a greater opportunity for businesses to be able to connect with customers. Current statistics show that 70% of people will contact a business after a […]

Five Productivity Apps for the Back to School Spirit

So the summer is quickly coming to an end and the school year is starting up again…yes, I said it. Don’t hate the messenger. However, with the school year comes nice autumn days full of productivity and kicking butt with new projects, goals, and more.  So in the back to school spirit – for those […]

SoLoMo is changing your relationship to the world. Gimbal is mutating it.

SoLoMo is shorthand for Social, Local and Mobile. Almost every app you see and use has elements of SoLoMo. They are mobile. They connect us to some aspect of social media. And they relate to your location. How our mobile devices connect us socially to our surroundings has long been the vision of where our world is […]

Top 3 Personal Finance Apps to Keep Your Budget on Track

Now that Tax Day is behind us, it’s time to figure out what to do with your refund. And if you’re not expecting one, you now have time to fix those finances for next year. There are many apps available to help you get organized with your budget. Nearly all the major banks offer mobile […]

App-ly this to your love life

(This is the final chapter of our focus on online dating and the  increasingly social industry that it’s become. Third post in a three-part series. Miss the other two? You can find them here: Part 1 and Part 2.) Laurie Davis has a gift. A veteran marketer, Davis always had great success helping her friends […]

The Rise of Social Gaming

With the dramatic growth of games like Angry Birds and the news that Cityville has surpassed Farmville in popularity, I wanted to find what the attraction to these games are and why do advertisers want in? The answer is actually quite simple. Social gaming may feel like a time waster to those outside of the […]