How to Create Different Internet Passwords

  An active user has approximately 7-8 accounts on online social networks. In my case, that number is 5 times because I keep trying new social networks and do not deactivate them after testing its usability.   A major mistake that we commit is keeping a same password for all online social networks. On few […]

3 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

As personal privacy online has become a bigger issue to many people, here are three quick things that you can do to help protect your privacy when using social media sites:  Minimize Your Digital Footprint Avoid providing personal content, such as your birthday, address or phone #.  Some sites will allow you to include the month […]


Would You Compromise Privacy for Your Dream Job?

Earlier this week, reports of job seekers being required to hand over private login information for such social networks as Facebook in order to be considered for employment spread across social channels and mainstream news outlets.  The privacy concerns seemed like a secondary thought with employers like the Maryland Department of Public Safety and the […]