Will Teens Flock to LinkedIn?

If you know any teenagers, or have your own, you may have heard that Facebook is quickly losing its “cool”. According to a recent Pew survey, more teens dislike the growing trend of adults using the site, the constant “drama” that seems to appear there, and people excessively sharing content. The study also concluded that […]


The Process of Creating a Social Media Policy

As I wrote in my last Article, irrespective of the type whether it’s a ‘Floating’ or ‘Fixed’ every social media policy should be propelled through a filtered process of certain steps to ensure the best yield. Just like any other policy, the end goal of a social media policy for an organization is simply to […]

Should you have a social media policy?

  Yes, Your Company Should Have a Social Media Policy. No, It’s Not Just About Protection Any More. The latest figures show that most companies are engaging in some sort of social media activity today.  It’s very likely that nearly 100% of companies have employees using social media. But, how many of these companies have […]

Is your social media policy up to date?

As more small businesses and start ups are launching a social media presence, here are some important considerations to take before you proceed any further.  First, do you have a social media policy for your staff & have you trained them in best practices? It may seem like a no-brainer to some but as we’ve […]