As a New Year Dawns…

A new year has dawned and the word “resolution” fills the air. People talk about exercising more, eating healthier, and securing dream jobs. I, like Jeannie, think how social media will play in my life. 1. Put the Social Back Into Social Media I want to put the social back into social media. These past […]

7 Social Media Resolutions for 2014

I want to change my social media habits. How about you? Here are a few of my social media resolutions. I might even start this year! 1. Ignore the ugly. Too much of social media is based on the worst parts of humanity. The “reputable” news that travels the Interwebs is obsessed with shining a […]


Keep your New Year’s Resolution: 5 Ways to Find a New Job with Social Media

So many New Year’s resolutions, so little time. The New Year is already flying by, and it’s no time for slacking off. Many individuals have the desire and resolution to find a new job that will make them happy and put them in the right path for their desired career aspirations. Need some help? Here […]