10 Social Media Rules Worth Breaking

I didn’t set out to be a social media rule-breaker. I’ve always been more of a teacher’s pet type, honestly. But the more I get to know what some in the social media industry are pushing as doctrine, the more rebellious I get.   Social media guidelines are nice, but there’s no reason to accept them […]

Legal questions to ask when creating social media policies

Social media policies are another hot and constantly developing area of the law today.  For this month’s post, I am following up on Jessica’s post about making sure your social media policy is up to date.  Her post gave some great advice and examples of how to approach putting together a social media policy for […]

Is your social media policy up to date?

As more small businesses and start ups are launching a social media presence, here are some important considerations to take before you proceed any further.  First, do you have a social media policy for your staff & have you trained them in best practices? It may seem like a no-brainer to some but as we’ve […]